Ewe Factor

The Ewe people are an African ethnic group living primarily in the coastal regions of West Africa. The largest population of Ewe people is in Ghana followed by Togo and Benin. They speak the Ewe language which belongs to the Niger-Congo Gbe family of languages. Ewe unity is based on language and common traditions of origin, their original homeland is traced to Oyo, in western Nigeria, which was a major Yoruba kingdom.
The Ewe are known by their complex culture of music, closely integrated with traditional drumming. Ewe believe that if someone is a good drummer, it is because they inherited a spirit of an ancestor who was a good drummer. Drumming is a part of the daily fabric in Ewe culture and the Ewe people are known for their experience in drumming throughout West Africa as part of events, rituals, and ceremonies. The sophisticated cross-rhythms and polyrhythms in Ewe drumming are similar to those in Afro-Caribbean music and late jazz. The original purpose of Ewe drumming were sung or performed by warriors.


We believe that drumming is a healing tool and a community builder. Our goal is to nurture and cultivate relationships and connections -- the fundamental definition of community. There is no endpoint in this vision -- we are on a journey together to connect as people, providing one another support, regardless of our social status, background, age, experience.