I used to be Sese's student in 2017 but had to stop due to school complications and a lack of time. During the time I was his student Sese was a cheerful and fun teacher of African music. It was a very positive experience that taught me a lot about music, rhythm and African culture.

Dan George

My group loved the workshop led by Sese! My men's group had a one day workshop focused on self-improvement.  We employed Sese Ntem to lead us in a workshop segment. He led us on a journey of individual internal exploration and expression of emotions through drumming and musical instruments.  We found that his sharing of his cultural roots, his intimate knowledge of communication with music and rhythm to be very transforming to our group's bonding and thus facilitate opening new paths for the goals of self-improvement for our participants.  A new way to communicate was explored by all of us.  His leadership loosened all of us up to further our journey of discovery.  The segment he leads had most of the highest approval comments from our group in the follow-up reviews to our event. We highly recommend Sese.